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We attended the wine Release Party at Villa Creek over the weekend.  A great time as usually.  This was in celebration of Villa Creek's Fall release.  It was quite warm in the foothills of Paso Robles so we started off with the "White."  Which despite the basic name is an excellent Rhone Blend of Grenache Blanc and Roussanne with a bit of Viognier which really adds to the aromatics.  Sadly, they are sold out of the White for now and just had enough to pour for the party. But the event was mainly about the reds.  In addition to the returning Avenger and Mas de Maha, they are releasing two new wines (big shock since they always seem to do a new wine).  These two clearly show the continued love of Mourvedre after last year's excellent Vulture's Post.

The Avenger, a Syrah based blend, and Mas de Maha, primarily Tempranillo, rounded out the Fall release.  Both of these were quite good and continued the tradition of high quality wines at a great price at Villa Creek.

The party also a vertical of the main releases of Villa Creek.  We had the 2004, 2005, and 2006 of the Willow Creek Cuvee, Avenger, Mas de Maha, and High Road.  Such a treat to try these all out.  The standouts to me were the 2004 Mas de Maha and the 2005 High Road.  But all were really interesting.  Very easy to stand there in the barrel room and stay cool among all this outstanding wine.

At any party at Villa Creek, you can be sure the food will be great.  Chef Tom and the crew really outdid themselves this time.  Cheese, roasted potatoes, calamari, cured meats, and salads would have filled us up.  However, there was also some very local lamb, a huge paella, and amazing pork belly and manchego sandwiches.  Just when we swore we could have no more, they started roasting whole fish.  You really couldn't keep up with it.

Overall, a great time at a fun place.  Everyone should really go check it out.

Villa Creek Cellars
5995 Peachy Canyon, Paso Robles
Open Friday-Sunday 11-4

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